Who are we? – Chiyabari
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Who are we?

Ethically Handcrafted Tea
Tea, to the tee
There is a cup of Tea out there for everyone, whether it's a glass of "Chai", or handcrafted Tea. At Chiyabari, we strive to cater to your love for Tea with our collection of premium whole leaf and hand-crafted blends made with Fresh, Organic, and Natural ingredients. Our Experts have 50+ years of experience in the industry. Our blends reflect the trained palates of our master blenders. Our exclusive Tea collection is handpicked and we share everything we're learning to help build Tea communities across the world.  But we also know that producing Tea isn't just about the drink. At Chiyabari, we contribute 5% of all our profits to the welfare of women Tea workers in Darjeeling, India.

We welcome you to this journey of Chiyabari - Ethically Handcrafted Tea.